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How to upload Sensor data on Google Sheets through Nodemcu


Step 1: Setup Nodemcu for Arduino IDE

Note: For setting up Arduino IDE for Nodemcu visit Step 1 @

Step 2:Setting Up Google Sheets:

           Step 2.1: Open Google Drive and Create new Spreadsheet and name it, after that give the fields with the paramters you want to define.

Sheet id is :

Step 2.2: Now goto Tools-Script Editor:
Step 2.3: Now Give the name same as that of Spreadsheet: Step 2.4: Now paste the code from : to the Script Editor Window Step 2.5: Go to Publish - Deploy as Web App: Step 2.6: Now change the access type to anyone even anonymous & Deploy:
Step 2.7: Go to Review Permissions: Step 2.8: Choose Advanced: Step 2.9: Choose Go to (file name) & then allow:

Step 2.10: Copy the Current web app URL & Click OK:

Note: The URL copied will be something like :