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Led Control using Blynk

Controlling an LED using BLYNK App on NODEMCU In this project we will learn how to control LED using Blynk App on Nodemcu. Prerequisites: 1. Arduino IDE / 2. Blynk App Step 1: Setting up Arduino IDE for NodemcuGo to File and the preferences in the Arduino IDE:
Preferences tab will open, in the Additional Boards Manage URLs paste the given link:
Go to Tools>Boards>Boards Manager, in the search bar, search esp8266 and install the board
After installing the board, go to Tools>Boards and Select the board as NodeMCU 1.0: Step 2: Installing the Blynk Library: Go to Sketch>Include Library>Manage Library
In the manage libraries search bar, search Blynk, and install the library Step 3: Setting up the Blynk App: Open the Blynk app and you will get screen like this: Now go for creating a new account, or just login if you have one. After logging in you will get a page like this: Now click on New Project and then give proje…